How to Find Your Hat Size

Wearing a hat that is the right size is important – but how do you measure your hat size exactly?

A hat that is too big for your head will fall off constantly, but a hat that is too small will cause headaches and lines on your forehead. Measuring to determine your head size can be a little bit complicated – so read on to learn how to do it correctly.

The first step is to find a tape measure. Or, you can also use a length of string that you can hold up to a tape measure or ruler. Then, place the string or the tape measure around your head approximately one eighth of an inch above your ear. It should wrap around the mid-forehead and completely encircle your head. A piece of string might be easier, as it is thinner, more flexible and easier to wrap around your head than a tape measure.

Make sure that you are holding the tape firmly but snugly. Essentially, the idea is to measure your head around the circumference of where your hat will sit. If you find it difficult to place the string in the right place around your head, you might want to either look in a mirror while you do it or ask a friend to help you.

Once you have wrapped the string around your head, carefully hold onto the end point and then measure the length of string against the ruler. Of course, make sure that you are not using stretchy string! You may want to measure several times and take the average of the results to ensure accuracy.

Then, compare the length of the string with the measurements on the hat size clhart. If the measurement falls between two different sizes, you should choose the larger size as it is better to have a hat that is slightly loose than one that is too small. It is also possible to use hat sizing strips or tape to help you make your hat more comfortable if you are an inbetween size.

Also, keep in mind that your hat size might vary depending on age, weight gain or loss and even your hairstyle. If you measured your head many years ago, you might want to do it again just to make sure that your hat size hasn’t changed.

When you are buying handmade hats, keep in mind that sizes can sometimes vary slightly. Sometimes there can be subtle variations even between two hats of the same size – so you should always try your hat on before you buy to ensure the perfect fit!


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