What is a Genuine Panama hat, you asked? Well, a genuine Panama hat is a Panama hat that is made in Ecuador using 100% Toquilla palm and requires a lot of time(Hours and Months), skill, and precision. A display of true artisanship. Your Panama hat should be cared for to make it last you many years. Always check the care that is needed for your Panama hat. How to take care of your Panama hat? Following these simple hat care tips will help you in maintaining proper hat care.


#1 Handling 

The big mistake of handling your hat is picking it up by the crown.

Morocco Panama Hat is a modern fedora with a tall hand-blocked pinch front crown

The proper handling of your hat is to pick it up the hat by the brim gently. We know it is cooler to pick up the crown as we saw in the movies or with your friends, but trust us handling it by the brim gently will you help you avoid damage, retain its shape, and your hat will last longer

MOROCCO Panama Hat
MOROCCO Panama Hat

#2 Hat Cleaning

Montecristi Hat Collection

Whether you have a FedoraPanama hat, Straw hat, or Montecristi hat, it’s essential to clean your hat because dust and oil in your hands transfer to the straw of the hat and can weaken the material over time; therefore, try picking up your hat with clean hands.

Hat Cleaning Kit foaming cleaning solution that deep cleans to remove heavy stains while protecting the delicate straw

Cleaning your hat will make it look new, retain its shape and also moisturize the hat to keep the straw flexible. It’s important to clean your hat at least two times a year or, if possible, after you wear your hat.


There are many brands out there in the market for cleaning hats, But the majority of them have chemicals. The Chemicals in those products can damage the straw and might create discoloration in your hat. It’s important to choose natural hat care solutions to help you to clean and protect your Panama straw hat.


# 3 Storage

The best way to store your hat is by using a premium hatbox. Storing your hat after use is essential as this will protect your hat and also retain its shape, prevent dust, and protect your investment. If you plan on traveling or taking a vacation, a hatbox is necessary to carry it on the plane.

Ultrafino Hat Box
Paul Lashton Premium Hat Stand help retain the shape of your Panama Hat
Palermo,Montecristi Collection,Morroco

Another option is putting the Panama hat in a wardrobe closet using a hat stand for storage on a ventilated shelf in your room. This will help to protect the brim/shape and the crown of the hat. Never place the hat on a flat surface for a long time; this will make the brim lose its shape.

Follow these basic steps and it will Prolong the Life of Your Hat. We will be happy to help you if you have questions or concerns please contact us.


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