10 of the Best Hats for Men in 2020

Fashions in headgear come and go, but the best hats for men will always be those that
successfully combine quality, comfort, and style. In this short guide, we review ten of the
best hats for men available in 2020, including on-trend street-style looks alongside more
classic models from our own collection.

The 10 Best Hats for Men in 2020 – and
Where to Get Them

1 – Aimé Leon Dore Striped Cotton Bucket Hat

Striped Cotton Bucket Hat
Striped Cotton Bucket Hat

As the ‘90s revival raves on, bucket hats have been one of the most popular looks for
men over the last few seasons.  This is certainly not a bad thing, especially when they’re as fun and stylish as this one.

Queens-based label Aimé Leon Dore specializes in bold basics and colorful streetwear.
As with many of the more popular brands in this niche, stock tends to sell out within
minutes of “the drop” – which can make it pretty tricky to score any of the label’s products.
At the time of writing, however, a few of these lightly-structured bucket hats in striped
cotton were still available on the brand’s website. They come in either S/M or L/XL sizes;
grab one while you can!

2 – Ultrafino Bella


Of course we would say that this is one of the best hats for men or women available right now. But, with its frayed brim and “shabby-chic” credentials, the Bella really is unique among straw hats. So, there’s no way we were going to leave it off our list!

Don’t be fooled by the casual beach-bum styling, as the Bella is truly a work of
outstanding artisanal skill. Finely crafted by some of the most dextrous hand-weavers in
Ecuador, the Bella’s tightly-woven 4-inch brim offers unrivaled sun protection.
Meanwhile, the adjustable-fit sweatband guarantees a great fit for all.

Naturally, we’d be the first to admit that we’re not completely impartial here, but in our
humble opinion, this is simply one of the most stylish hats around. Not just bella, but

3 – Organic Basics Recycled Cashmere Beanie

Recycled Cashmere Beanie
Recycled Cashmere Beanie

Organic Basics started out producing the most foundational men’s necessities of all – underwear – in organic cotton. However, the brand has since expanded its range to include a number of other stylish and ethically-sourced items which every man will need to purchase sooner or later.

The beanie hat is one of those classic menswear staples which never goes out of
fashion and yet has somehow found itself decidedly in fashion over the last few
seasons. Cool, but a beanie is just a beanie, right? Wrong.

For starters, there are few materials simultaneously warmer, more comfortable, and more
luxurious than cashmere. However, the problem with this wonder wool is that it was once
very expensive, but the push from fast fashion brands for a more affordable source of
cashmere has lead to over-farming. The result: catastrophic environmental damage
caused by too many goats grazing ever-dwindling Himalayan pastures in a particularly
fragile part of the world.

Organic Basics’ solution is to use only cashmere that has been recycled from worn and
discarded knitwear. You get the same beautifully soft and insulating properties as with virgin cashmere, but without adding further stress to the fragile ecosystem of cashmere-
producing regions. What’s more, the Organic Basics beanie is ethically made to a very high standard, and just looks the business. Win/win.

4 – Bogart Hat


The next model we recommend is a lightweight woven Fedora which is well-suited to the
warmer months or for wearing on vacation. Fun, stylish, and affordable, the Bogart is
undoubtedly one of the best hats for men this season.

Available in four different sizes, and in four different colorways (the hatbands, of course, not the straw) there’s a model of Bogart to suit nearly everyone. For those seeking a little extra flair, the Bogart comes with optional exotic plumage in matching colors, too. Sweet!

5 – Lemaire Navy Hat

Navy Hat
Navy Hat

Flamboyant minimalism might sound like an oxymoron, but in offering eccentric
silhouettes and retro-inspired designs in a sophisticated and restrained color palette,
that’s exactly what Lemaire’s eponymous label delivers. For Fall/Winter 2020, Lemaire takes the classic cotton bucket hat and reimagines it for winter use in a warmer, heavier-weight cloth.

Christophe Lemaire is famous for his championing of wool-polyester blends as a luxury
cloth. As a rule, here at Ultrafino, we’re more about pure, natural fibers. However, given its
innovative design, we’re happy to make an exception for the Navy Hat. In Lemaire’s reworking, the bucket hat’s typically flared sun-brim is redirected nearly straight down; ensuring that the wearer’s ears remain warm even in the cooler months. We assume that “navy” refers to the oceangoing service rather than the color and is presumably the design’s source of inspiration. In any case, the hat comes only in brown.

Reinforced stitching completes the utility look. All in all, this one of the best hats for men
we’ve seen in recent years.

6 – Ultrafino Gatsby Fedora

Gatsby Fedora
Gatsby Fedora

A modern take on a timeless classic, our Gatsby Fedora is the epitome of summertime chic. Handwoven in Ecuador from the leaves of the Toquilla palm, and then hand-finished in the United States, the Gatsby features a hand-blocked center, a grosgrain band, and a medium-spread brim. Best worn with a lightweight suit in fresco di lana, or some cool linen threads for a more causal look. Not just one of the best Panamas in our lineup, but arguably one of the best hats for men of any style right now. While stocks

7 – Ultrafino Piran


Yes, we’re blowing our own trumpet once again – and with equally good reason this time, as the Piran is an exceptional handwoven straw hat which will appeal to everyone from dandies and sportsmen to rugged adventurers. Coming in an unusual shade of
brown with a matching band and featuring a reinforced crown, the Piran is the perfect
travel companion. Meanwhile, those heading out on the links will appreciate the
ornamental golf bag detail on the band.

8 – COS Mesh Detail Cap

Mesh Detail Cap
Mesh Detail Cap

Among the best hats for men available right now within the streetwear category, the COS Mesh Detail Cap is perfect for the summer months. The wide lattice construction allows
air to circulate, while a slimline and slightly boxy shape sets the cap apart from competitors’ offerings. An Adjustable rear band guarantees a good fit.

It’s a shame that the cap’s not constructed from a more breathable material than polyester. Still, sometimes style must take precedence! Available in either S/M or L/XL sizes.

9 – Seaside Coco

Seaside Coco
Seaside Coco

Handwoven in Ecuador and then finished by hand in our US workshops, the Seaside
Coco is a stylish Panama hat which will appeal to those desiring to add a rakish touch to
their headgear this summer. The Seaside Coco features a novel, domed-top design and
a practical wide brim – just what’s needed to shield one’s eyes from the sun’s penetrating
midday glare.

Made of supple straw and featuring a lavish exotic feather headband, the Seaside Coco
guarantees that you’ll carry a piece of the tropics with you wherever you go.

10 – Riff Porkpie Hat

Riff Porkpie Hat
Riff Porkpie Hat

Sharp dressers will love the trim looks of this classic felt porkpie hat. Made from 100%
wool and offset with a genuine feather accent, it doesn’t get much nattier than this.
What’s more, the Riff is nothing if not versatile – pair it with a slim-fitting suit for a classic street style or update the combo with more casual contemporary wear.

Either way, we’re sure you’ll agree that the Riff porkpie is one of the best hats for men around right now.

Final Thoughts

Our guide to the best hats for men in 2020 covers everything from fashionable summer
looks to warmer winter classics. So, regardless of whether you’re seeking a cool and lightweight sun hat to wear on vacation or a classy felt lid for a special occasion, we hope that you found something to pique your fancy among our list of the best men’s hats.


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  1. I’ve never felt that a proper fitting Fedora was exclusively for men. Some women look fabulous in the styles that you carry. If they fit right they look very classy. Is the Woman’s fedora constructed differently than men’s? I see that you don’t have more now but I would love to order one. Is that possible?

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