What Sort of Man Wears a Panama Straw Hat?

Have you been curious as to whether a panama straw hat might be the right look for you? Read our short guide to wearing a panama hat and discover what it says about your personality.

Is a Panama Straw Hat Right for You?

What sort of man wears a panama straw hat? The truthful answer to this question is that
many types of men wear panama hats and often in markedly different ways, depending
on each man’s individual taste and style.

That said, let’s be completely honest: a panama hat is not the right look for everyone. Indeed, it requires a man with a certain style and attitude to pull it off. Could a panama be the right sartorial move for you? Would it fit with your personality? Have you sufficient swagger to make it work?

Well, the first thing to consider is that dressing isn’t always about whom we are at present, but also about whom we aspire to be. It’s a means of positioning ourselves in the world and of advertising our self-regard to others. That being the case, let’s ask a slightly different question: what does a panama straw hat say about its wearer?


The first thing you’ll notice about the wearer of a panama hat is that he’s self-assured – or, at least, gives off that vibe To be certain, in order to comfortably step out in a panama, it requires a degree of confidence in your ability to dress well. In fact, if you feel unsure about your choice of headgear, you’ll likely just skulk around in it self-consciously, drawing yet more unwanted attention to yourself.

People look great when they feel great; when it comes to hats, they generally feel their best when they aren’t obsessing about what’s on their head. Legendary British fashion designer and all-around well-dressed man Hardy Amies once said that, “A man should
look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then
forgotten all about them.” Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to headwear.
Don your hat, combine it with the rest of your outfit in a creative and considered manner, but then own it by forgetting about it entirely.

It’s what some Italians refer to as sprezzatura – a nonchalant, couldn’t-care-less attitude. Sure, you look good, but so what?

That said, experimenting with a novel item of clothing or a new accessory can often, especially at first, seem like a big move. If you haven’t previously worn a stylish item such as a panama straw hat before, it’s normal that you might feel a touch of self-consciousness
the first time that you wear it out of the house.

Rest assured that this stage soon passes as the hat becomes an integral part of your
appearance. In fact, given a couple of months, people will struggle to remember you without the panama! For more on this topic, check out our separate post with tips on how to wear a hat with complete confidence.


It goes without saying that a man who wears a panama straw hat is always well turned-out. If you’re already the sort of guy who enjoys dressing up, a panama will only serve to add an extra dash of finesse to your look.

A panama hat will instantly transform a staid business look into something much more
polished and suave. At a wedding, too, a straw panama can be the magic ingredient to spice up your outfit. Even a simple, casual combo such as a button-up and chinos will
be elevated to greater elegance when paired with a panama straw hat.


With its ability to keep the wearer cool, even in the most sultry and clinging of climes, a panama straw hat makes for great vacation-wear. However, although you may be off-grid and relaxing, a panama always remains a suave and sophisticated choice.

While cheap straw trilbies are commonly-seen items in tourist hotspots across the globe, a fine straw panama, with its sleek silhouette and refined construction, cuts a very different figure. Certainly, nobody would confuse a panama for tourist kitsch. This renders the panama straw hat the ideal choice of headgear for those who wish to retain a degree of charm and style in their off-duty attire. A man vacationing in a panama hat lets the world know that he’s no unsophisticated slacker, but a discerning gentleman with refined tastes and an admirable sense of self-worth.


It’s generally taken as a given that he who wears a panama has stories to tell. Our Man in HavanaThe Talented Mr Ripley, Tender Is the Night, The Quiet American, et al.; in the popular imagination, a panama straw hat moves against a backdrop of great literature and exotic locales – and the man who wears a panama travels with it.

Cosmopolitan and debonair, a panama will contribute an adventurous edge to any outfit.
From the Interzone of Tangier to the islands of the Caribbean and even Panama, itself,
we immediately associate a panama hat with travel and mystery. As a result, a man in a
panama hat is often seen as a highly-cultured and seasoned adventurer.

Independence of Spirit

A Panama straw hat is neither fashionable nor unfashionable; indeed, it’s beyond such
modish appellations. A man who wears a panama, then, is not someone who mindlessly
follows trends for the sake of it. He knows his own mind, understands what suits him,
and goes with it. No compromises and no apologies.

By wearing a straw panama, you let people know that you are entirely your own man. No
identikit Instagram-pandering sartorial choices here. The wearer of a panama hat has personality and charm to spare.


He who wears a panama straw hat is a member of an exclusive set. If the characteristics
described above sound anything like you, or if you aspire to communicate them in the
way that you dress, then you might wish to consider investing in a high-quality panama

At Ultrafino, we offer a wide selection of panama straw hats, in a variety of styles, and at
a broad range of price points. So, no matter your personality or individual tastes, there’s
certain to be a model right for you. All of our panama hats are handwoven from genuine toquilla palm to an exceptional level of refinement. Browse the panama straw hat section of our website to find the best fit for your personality:

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