Seattle Golf Show 2017 Wrap Up

Seattle hosted the largest consumer golf and travel show on the west coast earlier this month.  It was an exhibition which had something in it for everyone, with over 12,000 attendees attesting to that.

Ultrafino had a booth at the event, displaying our famous handwoven hats for the occasion. Ivonne was there, interacting with interested customers and explaining to them the quality and the heritage interwoven in our products.

From the various discussions with potential buyers, we could understand that some of them were a bit surprised that we were locals, based out of Seattle. Once the air cleared, they were very happy to know that their hat needs could be fulfilled in their vicinity.

One incident that is close to our heart is when a lady bought a Tiffany Planter hat from us. She really loved the hat and said she would wear it all the time. And being an organizer of tennis tournaments, she said it would mean good advertisement for us. Quite a light-hearted moment indeed.

At Ultrafino, we strive to usher a new-age hat style statement across the world. Our Panama hats are handwoven by artisans in Ecuador, with unflinching love and intent to provide the best accessories to its wearers. We are privileged to be in this business and feel proud that we house one of the largest such collections in the United States.

If this intrigued you, please leave a comment. We would be pleased to help in customizing your hat wardrobe!




    • Yes it can. You can take it to a hatter to get it stretched or you can try to stretch it with a hat stretching tool like this one

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