Our Favorite Movie Hats

Looking for some style inspiration for your Ultrafino hat? Check out these iconic fedoras and Panama hats from major motion pictures. 

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones wear Panama Hat
Image source: Denofgeek

Throughout all four installments in the franchise, fiction’s most enterprising archaeologist is marked by a few key characteristics: rakish charm, incredible luck, superior fighting skills and an incredibly stylish fedora. Get Indy’s look in our Drover Felt Fedora.


Titanic Movie - Duster Wool Felt derby hats
Image source: Digital Spy

The ladies in Titanic rock some pretty incredible Edwardian-era wide-brim numbers, but the men’s hats are nothing to sniff at, either. Introduce some early-20th-century elegance into your wardrobe with our Duster Wool Felt derby hat.

The Godfather Parts I & II

Michael Corleone’s fedoras hats
Image source: Script Magazine

All the best fashions from the early-mid 20th century are on display in the first two installments of the Godfather saga, but the hats, in particular, are breathtaking. Michael Corleone’s fedoras add some much-needed gravitas to any modern ensemble.

Harlem Nights

Eddie Murphy wearing Ultrafino Hat
Image source: Decider

Eddie Murphy’s Harlem Nights is another spectacular period piece that brings the elegant fashions of a bygone era into sharp focus. Murphy and all his costars, including comedian Richard Pryor, look awfully sharp in this film. Ultrafino’s Riff Wool Felt jazz porkpie hat would fit right in


Fitzcarraldo wear the wide brim Venicia Gambler
Image source: Director’s Guild of America

There’s so much to Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo—the making of the film itself was so fraught and legendary it launched a documentary of its own, giving viewers two looks at the story from both a fictional and nonfictional perspective. In theory, the costumes are easy to overlook, but the hats are so stylish they manage to stand out in the fray. Wear the wide brim Venicia Gambler to capture the title character’s audacity without any of the actual insanity.


ladies panama hats
Image source: Cinema Attire

There are some awesome fedoras in this movie as well, but Nicole Kidman’s delicate fedora is a true beauty, and it shows how easy it is for ladies to incorporate the Panama hat style into their summer wardrobes. Try the delicate Fellini Havana Stingy Brim straw hat with a skirt or dress this season.


Hannibal movie - Carter style Panama
Image source: Clothes on Film

Dapper serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter introduced himself as a man who enjoys the finer things in life in The Silence of the Lambs, but it’s only later in the franchise that we get to see him out of his prison jumpsuit and mask. His ensemble includes a nice white Panama hat that looks rather like our Carter style.

What other movies have you spotted Panama hats in? Let us know in the comments below.


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