Travel Fashion – Do’s and Don’ts

After pulling all those long hours at work every day, you probably are looking to reward yourself with a nice little vacation. You have created a bucket list of all the places you want to travel to, and from that, you’ve carefully chosen your-kinda-place. Now all that remains is to work out your travel fashion list and you are good to go. But then, choosing fashion is tricky business. Especially if you’re traveling to a place where you’ve never been before.

Well, we’ve been through such episodes ourselves, and we thought it would be prudent to share our two cents on travel fashion. Let’s look at some of them, shall we?

Checking the Weather Forecast

The first thing that should be on your travel fashion checklist should be the weather forecast for the city you’re traveling to. You probably have a sense of the climate (it terms of hot or cold), but little details like fog, humidity, and showers might play damp squib if you aren’t prepared for it. If there’s a rain forecast, make sure to take a trendy umbrella with you. Umbrellas, for example, are in vogue in Europe, especially in parts of Britain and the Netherlands. Carrying an umbrella with a color suiting your attire might be a major fashion statement.

Travel Fashion Girl with Umbrella
Image credit: TimMurphyPhotography/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Gearing up for the Sun

If there’s the sun, you probably need a good old hat to keep the rays off your face and to highlight your summer frock.

Travel Fashion Girl with Panama Hat
Image credit: Robert Conrad Photography/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Don’t have a matching hat on your wardrobe? You’re in luck, we stock plenty of them. Check out our Panama Hat for starters.

Brr…It’s Freezing

You probably are the kind who loves the snow and getting into snowball fights. If you’re trying to get up North to the Artic during winter, you definitely need to keep yourself covered. Winter is good for fashion because you could get creative with all the different layers of clothing. One little word of caution – make sure the wraps could be removed if need be, during transit. You might want to take them off while flying as it might get uncomfortable when inside the flight.

Fashion Travel Girl with Cashmere Shawl
Image credit: Idhren/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

A little tip from our side – try taking a cashmere shawl with you during such trips. It works well as a style statement and also doubles up to a cover-up when it gets too cold on transit.

Say No to Jewelry

Frequent travelers understand the pain of wearing anything metallic that could set off the metal detectors at the airport. Removing jewelry and putting them back on is a tedious effort, especially if the security check queues are long. It would be prudent to pack them in your cargo or if it is very valuable, pack them in your handbag to avoid the chance of it getting misplaced.

Get Comfortable With a Pair of Sneakers

While in transit, there is always the case where you have to walk a lot around, shuttling between airport terminals trudging along with your cargo. And thus, wearing stilettos are a strict no. Try getting into something comfortable like a sneaker and also make sure you wear socks underneath. You might be asked to remove your shoes during the security check and wearing socks would save your feet from getting dirty.

Travel Fashion Girl with Sneakers
Image credit: Idhren/Flickr/CC BY 2.0


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