Say “I Do” to These Summer Wedding Accessories

Planning on attending a summer wedding this year? These straw hats and accessories will keep you cool and comfortable under the lovely summer sun.

summer wedding straw hat


Wide-Brim Straw Hats

This is one of the most practical accessories you can wear to a summer wedding. Lightweight straw will help you stay cool and breezy while the brim shades your face and even your shoulders from the bright sun shining above. Depending on the specific hat style you choose, a wide-brim straw hat can look fantastic with any style of wedding guest attire, whether it’s a casual beach wedding or a black-tie affair on a country club patio.

Wide Brim Hat

Beachy hat styles with textured detailing and rolled edges are great for casual weddings. Our women’s Lassie Coco straw sun hat is a great example of this casual style in action. For a more formal event, you may want to stick with a more structured look. Elegant Panama hats and wide brim options with crisp, clean detailing are always stylish for a warm-weather wedding, and both men and women can enjoy this style idea without undermining their semi-formal or formal attire. Men and women alike can try our Gambler vented straw hat or the Monterey vented straw hat for a semi-formal wedding. For a formal or black-tie summer wedding, a classic style such as our Authentic Classic Fedora matches perfectly with a tux.

Authentic Classic Fedora

Hand Fans

Hand fans are a fantastic accessory for wedding guests to use in an outdoor wedding setting, particularly if the weather ends up being more warm than breezy. While guests can bring their own fans, these accessories are a fun item for the happy couple to provide in a basket at a refreshment station or near the entrance of the ceremony site. Brides and grooms can order custom printed hand fans with a special message commemorating their wedding, making the fans both a souvenir and a practical accessory.

Hand Fan

If you’re going to be a wedding guest rather than a wedding host this summer, you may want to tuck a stylish fan into your handbag or pocket before you head out for the ceremony. From sandalwood to silk, there are many decorative hand fan options that will keep you cool and look chic in motion.

Pocket Squares

Colorful pocket squares in printed or solid silk, cotton, and linen are excellent accessories for a suit jacket. Whether you’re wearing a tie or not, the pocket square can add an extra pop of color, texture or pattern to your wedding ensemble. If you’re wearing a necktie or a bow tie, you can choose to either match your pocket square to your tie or go bold with a contrasting color or pattern. This accessory offers an excellent opportunity for you to express your style while staying respectful of the dress code.

Colorful pocket squares

Best of all, pocket squares balance form and function for warm-weather weddings. If you’re starting to feel a little too warm, you can duck out of view of other wedding guests and use your pocket square to subtly dab at your forehead to stay cool, dry and presentable in the summery setting.


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