Travel Accessories You Should Never Leave Your Home Without

Getting ready for an exciting excursion to a new destination? From indispensable tech to a cool, shady Panama hat, these are the accessories you can’t leave home without.

Power Adapters and Converters

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One thing that surprises some first-time international travelers is the fact that electrical outlets don’t look the same around the world. The plugs come in different configurations, meaning the phone charger you use at home or in your office every day may not fit into a wall outlet if you’re traveling internationally. Additionally, some countries run different voltage through their standard outlets, which can cause you to kill your battery and your phone just by plugging it in. If you’re traveling to a different country, do some careful research and make sure you have the plugs and converters you need to charge cell phones, tablets, cameras and other tech gear that will make your trip run smoothly.

Inclement Weather Gear

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No matter where you’re going, it’s a good idea to bring some sort of rain and chilly weather clothing. Even if your packable poncho stays in your suitcase for the duration of the trip, you’ll be glad you had it. Having this gear on hand does two things: it lets you make the most of your trip no matter what the weather and helps you avoid paying tourist-destination prices for something you already own at home. Think about it this way: if you’re in Hawaii and want to for for a high-altitude forest hike on a rainy day, you’ll be glad you packed something to keep you dry and warm. That way you won’t have to lose a vacation day sitting around in your hotel. This is a situation where it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry!

A Stylish Sun-Shading Hat

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On the other end of the spectrum, you need to be ready to deal with the sun when the weather is perfect on your vacation. Ultrafino’s stylish Panama hats are perfect for men and women traveling to any sunny destination. These hats look great during sunny weather in any location, whether it’s Madrid or Mumbai. From the islands of the Caribbean to luxe African resorts on the Indian Ocean, a Panama hat like the Authentic Aficionado or the Classic Coco is always in style. Keeping your face shaded from burns while you’re strolling around local markets or reading a good book on the beach will make your vacation that much more pleasant, and it doesn’t hurt to look good while you’re at it.



  1. Good article – thanks! I have a question. How does one travel with a good but non-packable straw hat without damaging it? Normally I’m traveling in cold weather to take cruises in warm zones, so wearing the hat while traveling is not an option.
    Thank you!

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