Perfect Panama Hat Styles for a Day at the Beach

Nothing completes the perfect look for a day at the beach like a classic Panama hat. Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian shorelines, strolling down the sands of Cabo San Lucas, or vacationing on Cape Cod, we have the best Panama hat styles that both men and women can wear for enjoying the sun.

Fedora on the Beach

Stay Cool in a Hand Woven Straw Fedora

If you’re looking for a lightweight and comfortable hat style to complement your seaside ensemble, a Straw Fedora is the perfect choice for both men and women. Whether attending an upscale beach wedding or having brunch by the waterside, a Straw Fedora is perfect for all occasions.

panama hat

Women can wear a Straw Fedora with a colorful summer dress for a beautifully breezy afternoon by the water.

hand woven straw fedora hat

Ladies can combine their Straw Fedora with their best bikini and sunglasses to achieve a classy and sexy sense of summer style while they stick their toes in the sand.

trenton fedora

Our Trenton Straw Fedora Panama Hat is a popular choice for women headed to the beach. The intricately woven design lets you enjoy the summer breeze while the 2-inch brim provides protection from the sun.

straw fedora
Image Credit: Ian D. Keating/Flickr

Men can look sharp and stay comfortable by sporting a safari style look with their favorite pair of summertime shorts.

straw fedora and suit
Image Credit: Tom Driggers/Flickr

A sophisticated suit plus a classic Straw Fedora equals a look of masculine luxury.

Casablanca Classic Straw Fedora Panama Hat

With an accessory like the Casablanca Classic Straw Fedora Panama Hat, men can feel naturally dashing while attending an upscale oceanside social gathering, such as enjoying art along the boardwalk.

Top Your Beach Adventure with a Straw Cowboy Hat

Tellaro Western
Tellaro Western Panama Hat

A Straw Cowboy Hat is a perfect sidekick to take along on your wildest beach adventures.

Straw Cowboy Hat

If you’re a refined yet rugged man who plays by his own rules, you will find a Straw Cowboy Hat fits you perfectly. Wear with your most trusted pair of boots as you explore the coastal mountainside.

Flaunt Some Fun Flair with a Straw Skimmer Boating Hat

Straw Skimmer Boating Hat
Image Credit: Wicker Paradise/Flickr

This Italian classic has been decorating heads as a fun beachside accessory for decades. With a Straw Boater Hat, men and women can add a touch of retro flare to their best summertime wardrobes.

Straw Boater Hat
Image Credit: Guy Dickinson/Flickr

Women can look classically beautiful in a Straw Boater Hat while spending an afternoon watching ships pass on the horizon. Pair with brightly colored capris and a lightweight summer blouse.

Straw Boater Hat
Image Credit: Kaz/Pixabay

Men can become the life of the party by simply adding a Straw Boater Hat to their ensemble. Pair with a patterned blazer and your best Italian shoes, and head off to the summer yacht party to enjoy some jazz.

Classic Boater Skimmer Straw Hat

Our Classic Boater Skimmer Straw Hat is ideal for a day out at sea. Handmade with strong, natural straw fibers and a comfortable cotton band, the Straw Skimmer Boating Hat will keep you cool through all of your joyous travels.


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