The Seneca Collection

Ultrafino Seneca Australian Wool Felt Fedora Dress Olive Hat

The Seneca Collection 2022

Flexibility counts. The Seneca wool felt makes this Ultrafino traveler hat crushable, packable, and durable against water, oil, and dry soil. A classic style with a pinched diamond crown and slim leather handmade genuine leather hatband for added style. The Seneca is all you need. 100% Australian wool felt.

Seneca with crown pinched

WOOL FELT: Australian Felt is one of the most popular materials for making hats. It keeps you nice and warm on winter days and is breathable.

QUALITY: The high-quality Australian wool offers optimal protection against external factors such as water, oil, and dry dirt and can therefore be worn in the rain.

FOLDABLE: The material of the wool hat makes it foldable, so you can easily take it with you on journeys.

HAT BAND MADE OF SUEDE LEATHER: The hat is a timeless classic and impresses with its sophisticated suede leather hatband and clean design.

PERFECT FIT: The unisex hat can be worn by women or men and is available in various sizes (head circumference between 54 and 63 cm)


Material: 100% Australian Wool

Brim: 2 1/2″

Crown: 4 1/2″ Pinched

Hatband: 1″ Slim leather handmade hatband. Made by a local artisan in Seattle, WA

Shape: Pinched crown

Interior: Lining

Made in the USA.

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