The Dakota Fedora

Ultrafino Dakota Fedora Australian Wool Hat with Embroidery Floral Hatband and Pencil Roll Wide Brim.

Dakota Fedora

The Dakota is a distinctive, modern shape and chic fedora. Its classic shape mixed with a pencil roll wide brim, makes Dakota stand out from the rest and a perfect choice for hat lovers. Our love for neutrals allows us to create a unique handmade floral embroidery hatband that perfectly matches any outfit.

Pencil roll wide brim

We combined our classic fedora silhouette with a structured pencil roll wide brim and a handmade embroidery hatband. An everyday piece for moments big and small. This hat is crafted from 100% Australian wool, a completely natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber.

The Dakota is also available in two different colors

Dakota in Beige
Dakota in Putty

Important features of the Dakota

Material: 100% Australian wool

Brim: 4”

Crown: 4 ½”

Hatband: 2” handmade floral embroidery with leather details on the back. 

Interior: Lining

Brim Edge: Pencil roll brim

Protection: UPF 50+

Limited Collection

Every hat is made to order; no mass production, less waste, more love. 


Check out the Dakota and more styles on our website.


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