The Best Western Hat: The Freedom Western Cowboy

Introducing the Freedom Western Cowboy hat is a crushable genuine Australian wool felt fedora with a tall blocked center dent crown. This hat features an authentic leather hatband, a wide brim, two cowboy pins on each side, real exotic feathers, and a breathable sweatband. The brim contains a wire to hold its shape.

Freedom Western
Freedom Western

The genuine leather hatband and the exotic feathers make this hat one of our favorites. It is perfect for any outfit since it is lightweight, fancy, crushable, and the best western hat!

Material: 100% Wool Felt
Brim: 2 7/8″
Crown: 4″ center dent
Hatband: Leather
Details: Unique cowboy pins and exotic feathers.

Freedom Western
The right side features a sheriff’s pin.

The Freedom Western Cowboy hat is perfect for any occasion. This hat is made of 100% Australian wool and is trimmed with a genuine leather band. Packable, lightweight, with water repellent. It’s rugged enough to be folded, stuffed, and shaken back into its original shape.

Freedom Western
Freedom Western

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