The Luciano Packable

Ultrafino Luciano Packable Panama Hat with Exotic Real Feather

Luciano Packable
Luciano Packable

Introducing our new Packable Panama Hat: The Luciano. The exclusive Luciano Packable is a classic Panama hat fedora with a center dent crown that features a foldable breathable straw weave, a flexible medium brim, and a comfortable sweatband that is now available on our website.

Ultimate Sun Protection

Ultimate sun protection
Ultimate sun protection

This hat features a blue cotton hatband with the centerpiece on genuine leather and real exotic feathers, a diamond crown, and a little wide brim that’s curled three-fourths of the way around. Prepare yourself to stand out from the rest with this new packable design. The Luciano is perfect for any occasion since its design is classic, very flexible, and will improve any outfit.

Cotton and leather hatband
Cotton and leather hatband

Material: 100% Toquilla Straw
Brim: 2 1/2″ approx.
Crown: 4″ center dent.
Hatband: Handmade cotton hatband with leather.
Details: Exotic feathers and interior lining.

Handwoven by our artisans in Ecuador. The Luciano Packable hat is a winner across the seasons and a worthy travel companion for your grand tour around the world. This Panama hat evokes style excellence when worn.

Check the new Luciano Packable and more on our website.


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