Stretching Your Straw Hat: Hat Too Small?

Hat stretchers are the kind of item that no one thinks of buying until they need it. It’s summertime, though, and hats are being worn everywhere. A hat that is too tight can cause unnecessary headaches and can even rub bald spots into your head.

Enter hat stretchers:

An incredibly simple way to stretch out your hats and caps to get a perfect fit!

A hat stretcher is exactly what the name says it is; it is an item that stretches hats. As hats are worn, they can become misshapen and even shrink. Sometimes, you find a hat that you absolutely love that is just a tad too small. Hat stretchers can help you get the hat size that you need.

Most hat stretchers simply consist of two shaped pieces of natural wood connected by an adjustment tool that allows you to extend the wooden pieces as needed. The process of stretching your hat usually includes applying heat and moisture to the hat.

How to Use a Hat Stretcher:

  • Insert the hat stretcher into the hat.
  • Turn the knob clockwise. This will start moving the wood pieces further apart to begin stretching.
  • Leave the stretcher in for 24-48 hours to allow for proper stretching.
    • The longer the stretcher is inside the hat, the more the hat will stretch.
    • If you want to make the stretching process go more quickly, you can introduce some steam from a boiling pot or kettle to the hat and stretcher.

There are many ways to use a hat stretcher. Some are simple like the hat stretcher being placed in a hat for days to stretch it. Some are a bit more complicated, using the steam from boiling water and a blow dryer to size and shape the hat. 

Please be aware that hat stretchers are not going to make a huge size difference. They normally can stretch a hat another ½ to 1 size at most. So, you do need to pay attention to size when shopping for a hat; try the hats on. Only rely on hat stretchers for small size adjustments.

Where to Buy Hat Stretcher

Ultrafino has a brand new hat stretcher to offer. It’s beautifully made with natural wood and metal. It works with a variety of hats – straw, wool, Panama, fedora, cowboy hats, and regular caps. Additionally, it works very well with leather and suede. Best results can be seen when the hat stretcher is used with a hat made from natural materials.

On the product page, the company has given you all the information you could possibly need. Not only does it have a quick rundown on how to use it, but it also has a helpful size chart and an FAQ section. A Review section is easily available, so you can read real people’s experiences with this hat stretcher.

For less than $20, you can get a quality hat stretcher that will ensure your hats fit securely and comfortably. Low price and a great product are a match made in retail heaven!


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