Use Your Head to Pick the Perfect Hat

Choosing the perfect hat can be tedious. There are so many styles and designs that the selection is overwhelming. However, there is one way to make picking the perfect hat for you incredibly simple – just use your head! The shape of your head and face can direct you to the perfect hat.

The Shape of a Face

There are many different face shapes, but they are generally grouped into five different categories – long, round, square, heart, and oval. Each face shape looks great with different hats.

  • Long Face – When you have a long face, it is best to steer clear of hats that are tall because they can add too much height to your face. You want to choose a hat that covers a large portion of your forehead. You can also choose a hat that has a brim that turns downward.
  • Round Face – Round faces work really well with hats that are tall and decorative or have sharp lines and angles. You can benefit from slanting hats with asymmetrical brims to create angles that give your round face more shape.
  • Square Face – Square faces have the opposite issue of round faces – they are trying to smooth out their sharp lines and angles. If you have a square face, it’s wise to choose a hat that is round and asymmetrical. Stay away from hats with sharp angles and edges.
  • Heart Face – For the most part, heart-shaped faces just need a hat with a medium brim that will balance out their typically wide forehead. Small brims and large brims can cause the forehead to look even wider. So, as long as the brim is a medium size, most types of hats work with heart-shaped faces.
  • Oval Face – Oval faces are the luckiest faces. This face shape can rock nearly any style of hat. The only suggestion that is usually given to oval faces is to wear the hat straight across the forehead and avoid any angles.

The Style of a Hat

There are a variety of hat styles for both men and women that complement each face shape.

For those with long faces, wide-brimmed hats and berets work very well. Women can try the Francesca Wide Brim Straw Panama Sun Hat on for size while men can opt for the Havana Sorrento Panama Straw Hat Snap Brim. If you want to make your face seem shorter, simply pull the brim of your hat down to your eyebrows. Famous long faces include Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, and Ryan Gosling.

For those with round faces, the fedora or flat cap looks great. The Bora Bora Fedora Straw Panama Hat is a gorgeous and stylish choice for women, and the Napoli Suede Snap Brim Trilby Fedora Hat is a more rugged choice for men. Remember to always angle your brims and to stay away from floppy hats at all costs! Famous round faces include Adele, Kate Winslet, and Kanye West.

For those with square faces, the best types of hats are bowlers, center-dent fedoras, and fashion beanies. Men with square faces can rock the Duster Wool Felt Classic Derby Bowler Hat with Feather. Women will look classy and fashionable in the Wool Felt Trilby Snap Brim Fedora Hat. Always avoid hats with a flat top, and make sure that the hat you chose sits high on your forehead. Famous square faces include Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, and Keith Urban.

For those with heart faces, medium brim fedoras, cloches, and pillbox hats are good options. A simple and sleek option for women is the Elle Wool Classic Cloche Hat with Bow, and a perfect option for men is the Portofino Retro Panama White Straw Hat. Remember that small brims and wide brims are both “don’ts” for heart-shaped faces! Famous heart faces include Rihanna, Scarlett Johanssen, and Reese Witherspoon.

For those with oval faces, almost any hat will do! Women can wear the Bahamas Gambler Straw Panama Hat or the Tiffany Planter Straw Panama Hat. The Authentic Aficionado Straw Panama Hat and the Sahara Straw Safari Panama Hat are incredible choices for men. Since you can really do no wrong when choosing a hat for an oval face, just make sure that you choose one that is long-lasting. Famous oval faces include David Beckham, Eva Mendes, and Angelina Jolie.

The Promise of a Brand

At Ultrafino, we promise quality. Since 2003, we have brought beautiful, handwoven Panama hats to our customers. We do not only sell hats – we sell works of art that are handcrafted in Ecuador and finished in Seattle. A purchase from us is satisfaction guaranteed.


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